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MLB Power Rankings: Rangers Make Surge

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Even as we approach the 100-game mark in the MLB regular season, there remain a few teams fighting for playoff spots that frankly no one could have seen coming. The most notable of the bunch are the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates, both of whom had a glimpse of first place during the past week. Part of the reason these teams remain in division races is because no one in either the AL Central or NL Central can seem to get on a run and pull away from the pack. The Arizona Diamondbacks are also in the hunt out West, but trail the defending World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants. Speaking of the West, the Texas Rangers are red hot and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With the Los Angeles Angels beginning to breathe down the necks of the Rangers, Texas caught fire and is riding a current 11-game winning streak. Their run helps their launch up this week’s MLB power rankings.

1. Philadelphia Phillies: Pitching wins championships and the Phils seem poised to do just that.

2. Boston Red Sox: Survived a mid-season slump and are looking to hold off the Yanks out East.

3. Texas Rangers: Winners of 11 in a row and looking at a big series with the Angels this week.

4. Atlanta Braves: Might own the best pitching from top to bottom with Venters and Kimbrel at the end.

5. New York Yankees: Not exactly tearing it up with The Captain back in the lineup, but right with Boston.

6. San Francisco Giants: A dreadful offense, but I believe they overcame that problem last year quite well.

7. Tampa Bay Rays: Fading in the ridiculous AL East and probably worthy of a playoff spot they won’t get.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks: Have relied on the long ball all year – hopefully doesn’t bite them in the end.

9. Milwaukee Brewers: Haven’t lost since Weeks moved to the five hole and managed a split in Denver.

10. L.A. Angels: Look to cool off the Rangers when they come to town on Monday and narrow the gap.

On the bubble: Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Cardinals, N.Y. Mets


0 Dave Radcliffe 2011-07-19 11:49 #2
Thanks, Tom. Yeah I have a feeling the Brewers will be out since they will be on the road all week and Pittsburgh is playing great ball lately. We could probably also see Detroit or Cleveland sneak in there.
0 Tom Johnson 2011-07-19 11:42 #1
Nicely done. This is pretty accurate of what's been going on lately. I think the Pirates will be in the top 10 when I return next week.

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